Recycling & Waste Disposal Vehicles

Recycling may be a great way to help the environment, but if you’re still using the same ways of sourcing your finance that you have for years, you may not be helping your business. Many businesses limit their loan options, limit their chances for cheaper interest rates and better finance deals, by only approaching the bank or maybe one other finance company for a truck loan quote.

We break those limitations by expanding your sources of great finance on recycling and waste disposal vehicles and any other equipment you may need in your business.

We are accredited with many banks and lenders so we have more choices to source you a loan. More choices gives us more opportunities to use our strong bargaining power to negotiate you a better truck loan. More choices gives more options to ensure we source you the loan that is best suited to your business.

Your current finance provider may offer a similar range of commercial finance product as we offer:

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
  • Truck Lease
  • Rent to Own for Trucks

But we don’t just recycle the same finance products in the same packaging. We re-packaged every loan and ensure:

  • Cheap interest rates
  • Tailored fixed monthly payments.
  • Tailored fixed loan term.

For finance on your recycling and waste disposal vehicles that is not past its use by date, speak with one of our consultants for a tailored solution to suit your business.