New Trucks

New technologies, especially in regard to emissions and fuel economy, drive the new truck market with leading manufacturers vying for new customers and working hard to retain their loyal, existing customer base. Buyers have some serious decision-making when considering all the options available on new models.

The overriding factor for many is purchase price. But more significant is productivity and return on their investment. To achieve those optimum targets, purchase price should be taken into account in relation to the finance deal. It’s not just the purchase price that is important, but what you will be paying each month in repayments and over how long.

We provide workable and flexible new truck finance, offering the full range of commercial finance products:-

  • Chattel Mortgage for New Trucks
  • New Truck Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
  • New Truck Lease
  • Rent to Own for New Trucks

Each offers varying combinations of GST and tax treatment, balance sheet entries and balloon/residual requirements. Speak with your accountant as to which is the most suitable finance facility for your new truck. Then speak with us for a quote.

All our new truck finance offers include:

  • Our cheap interest rate guarantee, with rates fixed for the term of the loan.
  • Fixed monthly payments, negotiated by our consultants to suit your cash flow.
  • Fixed loan term, structured to suit your business plans into the future.

Our consultants work for you but you drive the process. We survey our lender base to get you the best offer but no decisions or actions are taken without your say so.

For more details on our commercial truck finance products and to discuss sourcing you a cheap interest rate quote, have a no-obligation conversation with one of our consultants.