CA Compliance Laws In Effect In January On Model Year 1995 And Older

November 4th, 2014 by

CA Compliance Laws

ys brings change. It could be a list of goals, promise of the year ahead, or in the transportation world, a change in compliance.

This January 1st, 2015 any diesel truck that is 26,000 GVWR or less and model year 1995 or older, is no longer legal to run on the road in California without major upgrades that cost major bucks.

Let that sink in.

We’ve met people out there running 1995 Isuzu NPR’s with more than 50% of their fleet exposed to this regulation and not taking it seriously. The bad part is that ARB is taking this very seriously and the fines can be steep. There are ways to transition out of your old fleet and move into a new batch of work trucks that can fit your budget and eliminate the legal and financial exposure.

Some current programs with the State of California (in which we do all of the paperwork and chasing the rebates), are things like:

  • HVIP, which is $23,000 off a Hino Hybrid truck (19,500 GVWR)
  • California Energy Commission rebate of $11,000 for buying a truck and converting it to CNG (19,500 – 26,000 GVWR)
  • Ford rebates up to $7500 depending upon the model, year and body
  • And other great programs from Hino and Fuso for some of their other trucks

No matter your needs, there may be a program to fit them.

Not only those programs can help. In addition, Section 179 which creates a one-time accelerated depreciation of capital expenditures, ends on Dec. 31. The limit is currently $25,000, but there is a bill moving through the process that could raise that amount to the Bush era tax cuts. This tax benefit can be used in conjunction with the above mentioned California rebate programs.

We also have many ways to remove your old trucks from the road. At Carmenita Truck Center, we have our own recycling yard, used truck lots and used box lot. We can likely help remove your soon-to-be out of compliance truck from the road and roll that into your next purchase.

Not only do we have the best selection in California of Ford, Hino and Fuso trucks, Carmenita Truck Center also has the best team to help with all of your fleet needs. We can lower your cost per mile, offer leasing vs purchase, provide maintenance costs that are rolled into payments, and offer mobile maintenance. Carmenita Truck Center is your single source for your fleet needs.

No matter your situation, we will find an avenue to help you. Don’t let the year end pass by without taking a serious look at your fleet and finding a program or rebate to help limit your exposure, lower your repair costs and get better fuel mileage.

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